Sunday cheat meal

Today I am sharing again yummy, tasty sunday brunch. ….. bread pakoras Ingredients: . four slices of bread. 2 potatoes for stuffing of potatoes. one small bowl of gram flour (besan). salt, red chilli powder, amchur powder,.                   corriander powder, turmeric, pinch of baking soda. green chillies, carrom and cummin seeds.  garam masala powder. oil toContinue reading “Sunday cheat meal”

Open Sandwich

heyyy… another tasty sandwich with lot of nutrition.Its simple to make and taste is also too good. So lets make the tempty sandwich. Ingredients: two slices of bread 2 tbsp curd 1/2 tsp malai/cream 1/2 tbsp suji/semolina 1/2 tomato,onion,other chopped veggies of your choice mustard seeds salt chaat masala roasted cummin powder 1green chilli Method:Continue reading “Open Sandwich”

Mathri/namak pare

These are the snacks which always loved by guests as tea sides. I prepared mathris and namakparey with maida(refined flour) and suji(semolina).Suji makes it more crispy,more tasty and more healthy. Ingredients: 250gm maida(refine flour) 2 tbsp suji(semolina) 1 tsp kalonji/mangrail 1tsp carrom seeds oil salt Method: We will soak suji in a water first andContinue reading “Mathri/namak pare”

Paneer(cottage cheese) ka paratha

This healthy nutritive recipe is very tasty and loved by all. This is also a good food for our kids tiffin. It’s hassle free recipe and not time consuming also. Ingredients: for stuffing . 25 gm paneer . half finely chopped onion . coriander leaves(finely chopped) . one green chilli . 1/2 tsp grated gingerContinue reading “Paneer(cottage cheese) ka paratha”

Baigan ka bharta

Baigan ka bharta is the Indian vegetable made from round,purple eggpalant/brinjal/baigan. Its spicey, salty and pungent taste(because of mustard oil) makes it different from other vegetable. Lets prepare baigan ka bharta in desi style for village food lovers. Ingredients: Two round shaped baigan one onion medium sized one tomato medium sized 4 nos. green chilliContinue reading “Baigan ka bharta”

Poha with sweet corn

Poha(flattened rice) is most popular breakfast in India. If taste is getting increased by nutrition then nothing can beat it. Lets make nutritive poha. Ingredients . 2 cups poha. 1/4th cup chopped mix veggies. . 2 tbsp sweet corn kernels boiled. 2 tbsp chopped onion. corriander leaves for garnishing. 2 tbsp peanuts roasted. 1 greenContinue reading “Poha with sweet corn”

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