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  • Senvaiyyan(semiyan)

    3rd Aug 2020 by

    Happy Rakshabandhan. This is the special sweet dish which is prepared on the occasion of Rakshabandhan. Ingredients: one small bowl of senvaiyyan 1/2 ltr milk 1/4 th bowl of sugar dry fruits as much as you want cardamom powder last but not the least desighee 2 tbsp

  • Anarsa

    25th Jul 2020 by

    This delicacy is from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the two north Indian states . This tasty and healthy sweet is prepared on Nag Panchami when we worship snakes. Ingredients: one bowl of rice flour 1/2 bowl of powdered sugar one tbsp of poppy seeds and white sesame 2-3 tbsp milk desi ghee/ oil to fry… Read more

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