Sarson ka saag(vegetable of mustard leaves)

Healthy,tasty treat of winter season from Punjab, India. This vegetable can be eaten with any paratha or chapati but combination of sarson ka saag is mind blowing with makke di roti. Ingredients: 1/2 kg of mustard leaves or sarson ka saag 100gms of mix leaves of palak(spinach), bathua and methi(fenugreek) 2-4 radish leaves 3-4 clovesgarlic,Continue reading “Sarson ka saag(vegetable of mustard leaves)”

Sabudana Khichri

Sabudana khichri is favourite falahar recipe of every one. We prepare it whether we’re observing fast or not. Let’s prepare this authentic vrat recipe. Ingredients: one small bowl of sago/sabudana 1/2 tbsp roasted peanuts powdered 1/2 tbsp roasted peanuts whole one big potato boiled kari patta, green chillies, corriander leaves, cummin seeds, fennel seeds, sendhaContinue reading “Sabudana Khichri”

Rajma chawal

Rajma chawal is the most loved meal of north Indians especially kids. Rajma is full of nutrition as it is called kidney beans. Chawal is normal boiled rice. Ingredients: 250 gm kidney beans/rajma two tomatoes one onion 3-4 cloves garlic green chilli and ginger 1/2 tsp red chilli powder 1/2 tsp cummin/jeera and carrom seeds/ajwainContinue reading “Rajma chawal”

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