Ramdana laddoos

Here is the video od Ramdana laddoos which is also called rajgira laddoos. This is the monsoon season when Ramdana is good for health. Ramdana, jaggery both are immunity booster also. First of all take 100 gms of ramdana. Prepare jaggery syrup with Jaggery powder/ jaggery. 100 gms of jaggery in a pan and pourContinue reading “Ramdana laddoos”

Bharwan Karele/Stuffed Bittergourd

Bittergourd is the vegetable which is not so much loved by all. But today’s recipe will be loved by even kids. Ingredients: 250 gm bittergourd One small raw mango One tbsp of peanut powder One tsp of fennel seeds, coriander powder, cummin powder, red chilli powder, kalaunji, salt 1/2 tsp turmeric powder oil for fryContinue reading “Bharwan Karele/Stuffed Bittergourd”

Dudhi/Ghiya/Lauki/Bottle gourd Ka Halwa

You can call it by any name but the nutrition of this vegetable is beyond imagination. So my today’s recipe is Lauki ka halwa which is extremely nutritive and it can be consume while observing fast. Ingredients: One medium size bottle gourd Half bowl of milk powder Half bowl of sugar pinch of cardamom powderContinue reading “Dudhi/Ghiya/Lauki/Bottle gourd Ka Halwa”

Vegetarian Tacos

These are homemade tacos. These are my kids favourite. Its Mexican recipe but today I prepared it with little Indian touch. Ingredients: There are chopped onions, carrots, capsicum, mashed potatoes, crispy corn and mozzarella cheese. Beside that we need taco shells and some spices also. So lets prepare yummy vegetarian tacos. Method: First prepare theContinue reading “Vegetarian Tacos”

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