moong dal uttapam

My todays recipe is healthy as well as tasty. Prepare this and then decide. Lets make moong dal uttapam.


1/2bowl Moong dal ,2 tsp suji/semolina, green chilli, coriander leaves,1tbsp chopped veggies which is available here i took capsicum, carrot,onion and tomato.

Spices: 1/2tsp cummin seeds,small pinch of asfoetida,red chilli powder,salt

all the ingredients in a bowl

First of all soak moong dal for six hours.Then make a fine paste of it. Soak semolina also but only for 10 mins . Put all ingredients in a bowl with spices like shown in the above pic. Mix it well. Add water if necessary, according to uttapam drop consistency.

spread the paste over a pan

Now put on the flame, grease the pan spread the paste over a pan with the help of spoon and let it cook then flip the uttapam and cook well from other side too. Apply little oil on both sides to make it more crispy.Flame will never be too high. Now uttapam is ready, serve it with green chutney made up of mint and corriander. recipe of green chutney is available on my Instagram account prax_kitchen. Enjoy the healthy and tasty uttapam.I am sure everybody will love this recipe.

moong dal uttapam


My todays recipe is one of my favorite recipes. It is prepared with arbi ke patte/colocasia leaves It is normally eaten in monsoon season when these leaves come in the market in abundance. I hope its spicey, crunchy crispy and little sweet taste will be liked by you all.


3-4 colocasia leaves,3 tbsp gram flour,1tsp white seasame seeds, 1tsp jaggery powder,salt, red chilli powder,1/2tsp carrom seeds


First of all prepare the marinate take gram flour in a bowl add salt , red chilli powder, jaggery powder, seasame seeds and carrom pour water to make thick paste to marinate leaves.Place first leaf on the surface and marinate it .place another leaf over marinated leaf and marinate this leaf too. Now roll the leaves properly and steam it.

marinated and folded leaves
steam the marinated leaves

After steaming for ten mins at medium flame take it out and let it cool.Now cut it into pieces and deep fry it until become crispy. Take it out and serve hot with ginger tea in rainy season and let your family enjoy the yummy food with rain.

Baigan ka bharta

yummy,tasty,spicey baigan ka bharta in desi style for desi food lovers.


  • 1 brinjal/baigan/egg plant,
  • 1chopped onion and tomato,
  • two green chillies,
  • 1/2 inch ginger,
  • pinch of asfoetida,
  • 1tsp dry mango powder/amchur
  • 1/2 tsp desi ghee,1tsp mustard oil and salt.


first of all we will grease the baigan and slit it like shown in the pic put green chillies and ginger into these slits.

Now roast it at a low flame as brinjal has to get tendered from inside also.

In the meantime we will prepare tadka also. Pour desi ghee in a pan and put asfoetida in it and saute the onion until get brown now add tomato also and saute it also.add some salt in it and cover it until our baigan get ready.

Baigan has to be roasted from all side otherwise it will not get mashed properly. When get roasted leave to cool down. Take out green chillies and ginger from baigan and crushed it . Now they are also roasted so can be crushed finely. Now peel off the baigan and mash it Add green chillies, ginger,amchur and salt also.

Now put on the flame of tadka pan and add baigan and mix it well for 2-3 mins. Now put off the flame add mustard oil and garnish it with fresh coriander leaves. If u dont like flavour of mustard oil dont add it but its pungent taste add the flavour double.Now serve this spicey, tasty bharta with chapati.

Ghee-less Suji Ka Halwa

We Indians prepare sweet dish whenever we start something. I am also presenting a dessert for all of you… Ghee-less Suji Ka Halwa!


  • 1/2 Cup Suji/Semolina
  • 3/4 Cup Malai Extacted from Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Sugar or Home Made Bhoora
  • 3/4 Cup Milk
  • 1/4 Cup Water
  • Green Cardamom Powder
  • Some Dry Fruits Available In Home


Suji Ka Halwa Preparation

Soak Suji in malai for 10 mins. Meanwhile chop all the dry fruits and roast them and keep it aside for later use. Take a thick bottom pan and put all the soaked Suji in it at low flame. Stir it thoroughly at low flame until it changes colour.

Soaked suji would become very thick but when it will be stirred thoroughly it will take nice texture.

Suji and Malai is Becoming Softer

Now pour Sugar, Water and Milk and stir it continuously at fast speed until halwa takes its texture. Now add cardamom powder and dry fruits then cover it for 5 minutes.

After 5 mins transfer it into a bowl. Garnish it with some dry fruits and serve hot and tasty Suji Ka Halwa!

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