Pakodi ki kadhi

Today I am sharing the recipe of kadhi. Kadhi in north Indian style.


. one bowl of gram flour/besan
. salt
. red chilli powder
. cummin seeds
. methi seeds
. asfoetida
. oil for fry
. one tsp of desi ghee for tadka
. one big bowl curd little sour/1-2 days old


First of all take besan in a bowl and churn/whisk it with little water for 3-4 mins. Now add some salt, cummin seeds, red chilli powder and again mix well.

Heat oil in a pan and fry pakodis of the besan batter.

fried pakodis

Now mix one tsp of besan in curd and churn it very well. There should be no lumps. Add water in it .

Put desi ghee in another pan and make tadka with asfoetida and methi seeds. Now pour all the mixture of curd and besan. Keep stirring until get boiled. Now add chilli powder, salt and fried pakodis and put the flame low for another 10-15 mins. Keep stirring in between. pakodi ki kadhi is ready. Serve it with chapatis or rice.

P.s. for perfect kadhi besan should neither be very fine nor very coarse. And beat besan nicely to make pakodis soft.

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