Chowmein is a Chinese cuisine. Today We will prepare it in Indian style.


  • 250 gm noodles
  • 100 gm cabbage, one capsicum, 2 onions, 2 carrots
  • one tbsp of soy sauce, vinegar, one tsp of chilli sauce, tomato ketchup
  • one pinch of ajino motto
  • salt
  • vegetable oil
  • tsp of ginger garlic paste


Chopped all the veggies or grate it or make juliens as you prefer. Take a tsp of vegetable oil in a pan and saute onions till golden brown. Now add other veggies and saute till get soft . Add ginger garlic paste and cover it. Now boil noodles . When boiling it add little salt and vegetable oil in water. When get boiled strain it and wash it thoroughly in cold water. Add vegetable oil and toss it. This process will prevent noodles to get sticky. Now add these noodles into the vegetable’s pan and mix well. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Hot , tasty and spicy chowmein is ready to serve.

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